Annual Examination Organized by

Fine Arts Organization™ for Objective Drawing, Pencil Shading, Crafts Making and Graphic Design.

All India Fine Arts Association for Subjective Painting by Oil Pastel, Watercolor and Oil Painting on Canvas.

The Annual Examination is held on every year in January 2nd and 4th week any Sunday from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM. (2 hours - 2:30 hours).

After annual examination, our all students are recognised with diploma certificates from our Institute and great students are awarded the Medal and Trophy.

The special award (1st place) Trophy and Scholarship is given to the student who receive the highest number of annual examination and good skill, good behavior and most serious student of Fine Arts Organization.

Award Trophy for given to the students who receive the 2nd and 3rd place in annual examination.

Award Medal for given to the students who receive the 80% of marks in annual examination.

Another a "Best Students of the Year" award will be given for most 10 serious students.

Nilanga Paul (2nd Year)

1st Place

Annual Examination 2018 - 2019

Mrittika Mandal (4th Year)

2nd Place

Annual Examination 2018 - 2019

Rajoshree Dhar (3rd Year)

3rd Place

Annual Examination 2018 - 2019

Note: The decision of the examiner is the final decision... Every year, on the day of Rabindra Jayanti, the examination certificate and mark sheet is given and the students are awarded prizes (each year a different students will be rewarded) and the presence of every student and guardian on that day is must.

A cultural program will be organized on that day and every student participating in this event will be rewarded on the basis of their talent evaluation. example: Dance, Singing, Poetry, Guitar, Thabla, Synthesizer etc. all the instruments will bring with them.

Only Fine Arts Organization students can be participate in this cultural program. Exotic students are not allowed.